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Lloyd attended Newport College of Art from 1967 to 1972 and then completed a Postgraduate Art Teaching Course in Leeds. After teaching Art and Pottery at Caerleon Comprehensive for a couple of years, Lloyd decided to move to Monmouth with friends from college and between them they set up Nailer’s Lane Gallery and Workshops. 

In 1978 he started a new career dealing in coins, from then on this prevented him from producing any serious artwork - just a dabble from time to time. However, from 2020, with the introduction of the global pandemic, paired with the beginning of early retirement; at last Lloyd has been able to revive his art career. Currently working mostly with coloured pencils, Lloyd states


“I like the honesty and freedom of children’s art and the primitive and naïve, yet I am also drawn to the use of colour and expressive nature of the post Impressionist and Fauvist painters. Yet there is so much art of all styles I enjoy. My practice is concerned with colour and form; I work mainly from life, chasing and catching those colours through a window in time – making lines, scribbling and over laying until the experience of my subject emerges".